Castle Oblivion

to find that which has been lost; to lose what has been found

This is the #deadjournal of a college student by the name of Samantha, who goes by the alias Kestrel on the internet. Nerdy, weird, borderline sociopathic and is addicted to caffeine & sugar in the form of coffee and Poptarts. Supposedly not the stereotypical asian girl, but somehow has succumbed to all of the stereotypes- pre-med student, violinist in the school orchestra, and plays League of Legends. Seriously?

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Between the Pages where I've dogeared the corners
are the few and the many, the new and the formers.
The one who is always there beside me.
Understanding, supportive, awesome concisely.
Passionate and obsessive, with a dash of quixotic.
And sometimes just plain popely despotic.
Even those who are somewhere out there
will always find their own pages right here. ♥